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FAQ: Please help me quickly with my unique project

FAQ: Please help me quickly with my unique project

23.Jan 2020
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Question: Hello, I am [Name] and I am from [City] in [Country]. I am the founder of a [startup, new, high-tech, special project] company focused on electric [bikes / motorbikes / motorcycles / EV cars, trucks, busses, vehicles] with [some special feature]. We would like to request you to kindly help us with your battery product, to make us help to build a successful prototype with driving distance [number] km, max speed [number] km/h and also with fast charging in [number] minutes. We need to have a street legal solution. If you could kindly help us in this project, we will be very grateful to you! Please send your response today, or we chose some other company to work with.

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. We will be happy to help you. We have helped many companies already to deliver a successful EV products to the market. We will be also glad to help you as well.

To start the co-operation and the development, we need to asses your status and your project. Based on our previous, 10+ year, experience the assessment of the project and the technical design of the product will require about 100 hours of the workforce on our team. You can check our hourly support charge here.  We will be happy to provide a discount to give a special support for selected projects. Additionally, when the arrangement is made, the payment for the development support may be refunded to you when you make purchases of the cells and batteries.  Please contact us for more details.

For practical progress, our suggestion is that first your purchase an already existing street-legal vehicle as much as similar to your project - a motorbike, an ev-car, or another vehicle. This way you can primarily focus on the modifications that follow your expectations for your project. What is your next step?  Get a street legal vehicle and start with your modifications right away.

Be sure to let us know your ideas. The GWL/Team is ready for your projects.

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