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FAQ:  Testing cells or packs at a customer location

FAQ:  Testing cells or packs at a customer location

15.Sep 2022
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Question:  I have a battery pack installed in my EV (in my boat, in my RV, in my house, etc.) I wish to check the condition of this pack to see the real capacity of the cells. Can GWL offer any solution for me? (Perhaps you can come to me for the weekend and make the test. Or you can send me some equipment to make the test. You know I am your old customer.)

ANSWER: Thank you for this question. However, at this moment GWL cannot offer any solution to your request. The GWL Team does not arrange for a remote service at customer location. This means “we cannot come to you”. Also at this moment, GWL Team does not have any device or testing equipment that could be rented to customers to make such tests. Additionally, making the testing of several (or many) cells at the same time requires quite costly equipment that GWL does not have, and thus cannot sell or lend.

The only suggestion or service that GWL can offer (at this moment) is to bring the cells to GWL: You can arrange with GWL Sales Team for a paid inspection of the cells at GWL’s facility in Prague. This means, you need to dismount the cells and deliver these to GWL. In this case, GWL Team can make the tests of individual cells and provide you with the test data for each cell.

Check details for the inspection and charging fees and also for the paid support.

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