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A big change for the solar panels in 2021

A big change for the solar panels in 2021

03.Jan 2022
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The year 2021 was the year of a big change for the solar panels. First of all, due to the so-called pandemic crises, the costs of the solar panels grew significantly. Also counting with the sharp increase of the cost of the transportation, the selling prices the solar panels in Europe kept increasing throughout the year 2021.

Additionally, there were changes in the power rating of the solar panels. The technology has improved as well. With the coming of year 2022, the 285Wp POLY panels are now a history, as well as the 380Wp MONO panels.

In 2021 GWL started to sell the ELERIX brand solar panels. More sales and more promotion are expected in 2022. Get read for more SOLAR products and another big change in 2022.

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