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Connecting the Cells: Fixed Bars or Flexible Connectors?

Connecting the Cells: Fixed Bars or Flexible Connectors?

09.Mar 2023
| Blog - Elerix

Question: I need to connect several cells in parallel, what type of connection should I use?

Answer: The answer is simple. It is always recommended to use the flexible connection. Never use the fixed harness made of copper rod that consisting of a solid material with no flexibility.

The main reason is that the cells are created with hundreds of layers of the internal plates and separators. When charging and discharging the internal stricture of the cells is in fact moving in micrometers. 

Also, the cells are swelling in a way here and there. — In order to keep the shape of the cells, it is strongly recommended to apply the “corset”.

In order to lessen the internal pressure between the sides of the cell and the terminal itself, it is recommended to use the flexible copper bars that allow the micro- and millimeter movements.

The design of the proper type of connectors is made of multiple layers of copper and this kind of design allows for the optimal flexibility.

Result: It is recommended to use only the flexible connectors.

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