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FAQ: Will the panels from GWL really work for 30+ years?

FAQ: Will the panels from GWL really work for 30+ years?

19.Sep 2022
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Answer: GWL team is definitely sure the solar panels will work for at least 30 years, perhaps even for 40, 50 or even more years.  

The solar panels supplied by GWL are manufactured by the latest technology standards and methods. 

The oldest customers of GWL have installed solar panels in 2008, so it is now 14 years and all of them are 100% satisfied.  Additionally, the technology of solar panels is designed to work for more than 30 years.

Link: Check the ELERIX brand panels at GWL web.

Example of the durability of the solar panel technology is the one of the oldest solar installations in Europe the Ticino Solare TISO-10.

The TISO-10 (TIcino SOlare) solar photovoltaic (PV) plant, connected to the grid in 1982, is the oldest installation of this kind in Europe. After 35 years, two different groups of PV modules can be identified; one with a negligible degradation rate of -0.2%/year, the other with a degradation rate of - 0.69%/year, much higher but still compatible with a 25 years’ warranty at 80% of the original power.  After 35 years, many of the PV modules are still in an optimal shape and can be reinstalled targeting the next milestone: 40 years of operation.

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