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GWL/Modular CPM – Fully Public Project

GWL/Modular CPM – Fully Public Project

03.Jan 2022
| Blog - Elerix

From the very beginning the GWL/Modular component – ELERIX CPM was designed as a fully public project. All source documentation, the board schematics, the listing of all components, the source codes, etc. – all are available as public domain – free of charge.

Now, you can research and develop your own solution based on the CPM project.

Kindly note, that the project it provided as it is, with not additional support. GWL Team does not answer any questions, emails or inquiries related to the support of this public domain project. You ware welcome to post or share your questions as a part of the GITHUB documentation or inquiries and see if other users or project members may follow up and reply.

Enjoy the CPM!

Details about the CPM project at GITHUB: - the repository with the source for the CPM firmware - details about the IC2 documentation - the repository with the design files for the PCB

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