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GWL/Modular variations

GWL/Modular variations

16.Feb 2021
| Blog - Elerix

The photos show the variations of the GWL/Modular Flexi pack setup.

The Flexi pack serves as the protective case for the LFP cells. It holds the cells together in the proper tight way.

The top of the Flexi pack, serves as a holder for the installation of the BMS (here CPM1) and the protective circuits. This way the complete pack is created with all harness and wiress installed together with the battery.

There is also a transparent lid on the very top of the pack to protect the complete setup against undesired manipulation, against the direct fall of objects and dust.

This way you can get a complete setup that will last for 10, 20 or more years. This is the reason the Flexi Pack setup is designed in a robust way using quality materials.

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