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Quick and Easy - The magnetic 5 pole connector

Quick and Easy - The magnetic 5 pole connector

31.Oct 2022
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The magnetic 5 pole connector  GWL/M-5P-MG is designed to be used a service connector for a 5-pin wiring. This means it can be used to transfer 4 signals and one common ground.

For DC application this service connector is purposed to be used for a quick connection to 12V battery banks or packs.

For example, the ELERIX LiFePO4 12V 100Ah - Front Terminal Battery uses this connector to allow the access to each of the cells in the battery.

Basic specifications:

  • Package: 1pc male + 1pc female connector
  • Pins: 5 pins — 4x (plus) + 1x (typically for GND or minus)
  • Voltage rated: 12V
  • Current rated: 2A per pin

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