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Connection of CPM with AMETEK Latching relay

Connection of CPM with AMETEK Latching relay

17.Oct 2022
| Blog - Installation diagrams

This diagram shows the connection of the AMETEK Latching Relay with CPM Board.

The relay is controlled by the CPM Board contacts. However, because the AMETEK Latching relay needs a high current rated power supply for the coils, the latching relay itself needs to be connected by means of auxiliary relays.

The auxiliary relays are powered by 12V, the 12V voltage is taken from the 4th cell (12V DC) and must be separately protected by a DC breaker.

After the disconnection it is necessary to press the START button to resume the function. There is also the STOP button to make the manual disconnect.

Please note the fusing in this circuit:  two main fuses on the DC power line, one circuit breaker on the DC 12V line for the latching relay.

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