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GWL/Modular - Energy storage for REAL projects – not just toys

GWL/Modular - Energy storage for REAL projects – not just toys

03.Jan 2022
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In 2021 GWL has been supporting local partners in delivering several REAL energy storage projects

Simply said, the energy storage solutions promoted by some countries and local governments for household applications, with 5 kWh to 15 kWh, are just expensive toys. People will spend a lot of money, will get some “subsidy” but the real effect and operational value of such installations is next to nothing.

In order to make a reasonable energy storage, the capacity of the battery bank must be at least 50kWh and more. What is less is just some toy. ????

The basic solution for a real storage is based on the 16x 1000Ah cells — making some 51 kWh of the energy available.

Such solution is quite easy with the large capacity cells from GWL. Enjoy your projects and be sure the GWL/Team is here to keep assisting you.

BTW: you can find some of the GWL projects at the GITHUB site.

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