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The relay with a flash back diode. Observe the polarity!

The relay with a flash back diode. Observe the polarity!

30.Oct 2020
| Blog - Installation diagrams

Some time ago, GWL/Team has explained the need to use the reversed diode (aka anti-parallel diode or flashback diode) to be connected in parallel to the relay coils when switching relays by transistors.

Recently there were few cases when customers installed a professionally made relay that already contained the flashback diodes, but forgot to check the polarity. If one connects the relay with a flash-back diode in revered polarity, the diode will create a direct short-circuit that will cause over-current for the switching semiconductor output transistor.

This negligence or “mistake” will cause the burn of the complete component board like the CPM1 or other devices with semiconductor outputs.

Check two or more times the correct polarity of the components that are going to be connected together. Pay attention to the proper installation! 

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