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Less DC-contactors - More Smart DC-devices.

Less DC-contactors - More Smart DC-devices.

14.Dec 2020
| Blog - Inverters DC/AC

As you might notice, GWL as limited the offer of the regular DC coil-type contactors. The reason is that these DC contactors may be now easily replaced by more advanced semiconductor switching devices. Additionally such products may be available for purchase on-line from various quick-buy-quick-sell traders.  

For example, the more innovate products are these.  The BMS123 Smart - Dual Relay is recommended for a 12V or 24V applications with currents up to 100 Amp. For more advanced switching functions with battery voltage protection, you can use the Victron Battery Protect. It allows to turn on/off the load when need by means of the remote contact. 

Note: the Victron Battery Protect is a single directional device, it cannot be used for the current flowing in the opposite direction (.i.e. charging go the battery).

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