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Charging voltage levels for LiFepo4 cells.

Charging voltage levels for LiFepo4 cells.

19.Nov 2020
| Blog - LiFePO4

Some time ago, GWL/Team has published the information about setting of the charge voltage levels for the LFP cells. It seems that this recommendation has been working excellently for all of our customers. Here is the summary of the information:

If possible, use the setting for the LiFePO4 cells if supported by your charging equipment. Usually the LiFePO4 setting means that after reaching the full charge level, the charging will be stopped. With LFP cells, there is no need for floating and/or absorbing (= equalization) charging modes.

If your charging equipment does not support LiFePO4 cells, you can use the setting for the GEL (or SLA, or “sealed”) batteries.

The voltage settings for the LFP cells are listed in the table above.

Note: you always need to perform the initial charge of the cells when making the assembly the pack. See here.

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