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FAQ: Liquid Electrolyte in LFP Cells?

FAQ: Liquid Electrolyte in LFP Cells?

16.Nov 2020
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Question:  I purchased the LFP cells (Winston brand). When I move the cells here and there, I can hear there is some liquid inside these cells. Is this OK?

Answer: Yes, this is OK. When the cells the manufactured, they are filled by the electrolyte. The electrolyte is covering over the cathode and anode plates to protect the internal structure against the entrance of moisture and air.  As the cells are used, the liquid of electrolyte will be absorbed into the nano-structure of the plates and partly will evaporate. Also, the electrolyte contains some self-polymerizing substance that will gradually turn into more jelly-like structure. As a result, after some time, the cell will gradually “dry-up” and there will be no free liquid moving inside.

Summary: it is perfectly fine if new cells have some extra electrolyte that overflows the cell plates. Please note that you should never open the cell in order to try “to verify” the internal condition of the cell or try to “pour-out” the excessive electrolyte. Kindly note also the position of the cellsThe cells must be installed with the terminals up, so that electrolyte covers up over the cell plates


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