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FAQ: Winston LFP cells in a 3C-rate application

FAQ: Winston LFP cells in a 3C-rate application

25.Nov 2020
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1) What is the voltage of the Winston LFP cells under the load?   

The voltage of the LFP cells under load is typically above 3V. If the voltage gets under 3V the cell is nearly discharged and the remaining capacity is limited.

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2) How many cells is needed for 72V?

The usual number of the cells for 72V is 24 pcs.  There are usually 4 cells per each 12V volts.

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3) Can the Winston LFP 60 Ah cell withstand loads of 150/180 Ah for 10/15 seconds?

Yes, the Winston LFP cell support the continued discharge of 3C. This means you can discharge the 60Ah cell with up to 180 Amp. For peak discharge, you can make peaks of 10C (600Amp) for 10 seconds.

4) If I discharge with 3C or 10C rates, how about the temperature of the cells?

For any high-speed discharge application, it is recommended that you observe the temperature. The temperature should stay between 20°C and 40°C. If the temperature increases you need to reduce the charging // discharging current or use the ventilation (air flow) to cool the cells down.  

Note: we will be happy to provide more knowhow about the thermal design of the pack as a paid-technical support.

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