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STORY n.2 about Solar energy storage 48V 5,4 kW

STORY n.2 about Solar energy storage 48V 5,4 kW

06.Aug 2020
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In July 2019, we received a request to the installation of Solar energy storage 48V 5.4kWh.

It was a complete solution of a photovoltaic power plant for the customer, which was implemented by the assembly company SW-power. After consultation with the company's executive Mr. Coufal, we came up with a solution and shipped our products in a very short time, because our company has in stock in Prague all the products required for the installation of this photovoltaic power plant.


After picking up and instructing our technicians with information on how to use Winston batteries, the customer successfully installed the batteries in his rack and set up (at the time) our new GWL/Modular CPM with Victron products.

The installation also included GWL/Sunny-280PW solar panels with mounting elements. There was a problem with the panel brackets when installing these elements. Where we supplied brackets instead of 35mm for 40mm solar panels. Our product manager immediately solved this problem with a newly submitted product.

Then the installation was successfully completed, the power plant put into operation and we waited for the customer's response.

After three months of use and great customer satisfaction, the client face to an issue. The Victron system began reporting an error with the batteries and battery management. Therefore, after consulting with technicians, we sent a new GWL/Modular CPM board for the replacement.

Unfortunately, after some time, the customer reported the same error to us again, so the next step was to check this rack for free from our technicians in our technical laboratory.

Here it was found the problem in the initial charge and in the GWL/Modular CPM settings. We acknowledged the defective battery as part of the complaint and, in addition, we initialized all the cells so that they were correctly balanced in the battery pack.

After these inconveniences, we believe that a similar problem with other demands of this type will no longer occur.

This installation now works great and is evidenced by this reference on our website:

A huge benefit for us and our customers is the ability to monitor this energy storage in the Victron VRM application, which you can find on this link:

It was a huge experience for both parties and we already know that the cooperation will continue with other similar installations.



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