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The Safety of Your Solution is the Primary Concern

The Safety of Your Solution is the Primary Concern

14.Jan 2021
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What happens if a LFP cells is severely mechanically damaged? Will it burn? Will it overheat? In case a LFP cells is crushed or pierced, what chemical reals will happen. When the cell is smoking, because of a damage, what are the gasses?  Are they critically dangerous? Or just ordinary toxic? How to prevent from a damage to your health and the environment?

These are many questions that require a correct and scientific answer. In 2020, the GWL/Team has made a series of puncture tests for the LFP large size prismatic cells. These tests were performed together with a certified laboratory. Please check the Expert opinion about the results of these tests.  You can request the full report by submitting your contact information.

This is the extended support by the GWL/Team for all of our customers and partners. When you buy the LFP cells from GWL, you will not only get the quality products, but our team cares for your needs and safety. That is why we keep making the independent tests and reports.

The Safety of your solution and the reliability of the battery products is the primary concern of GWL.

See also the video from the test with additional recommendations:

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