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What is the Peukert’s Exponent for LiFePO4 cells?

What is the Peukert’s Exponent for LiFePO4 cells?

28.Feb 2019
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The Peukert’s Exponent is used for the lead-acid batteries. Simply said this exponent is the ratio between the charging and discharging of a battery. It means how much energy you need to charge compared to the energy you get when discharging.

For the LiFePO4 cells, the efficiency of the charge and discharge rate is very high – above 97% and more. That is why the Peukert’s Exponent is close to 1.00. The battery producers do not give this value because it is not necessary for the LiFePO4 cells.

You can find some discussions on the internet that consider using the value between 1.01 to 1.03 for different models of the LiFePO4 cells.

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