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Comment: Heap of Black-boxes or a Fully Modular Solution?

Comment: Heap of Black-boxes or a Fully Modular Solution?

12.Oct 2020
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What a wonderful heap of hardware! Wow, what a great amount of work and investment. Mister Federico, you are a great engineer, I really appreciate your efforts. Good job! ???????????? (seriously)

The picture shows there are 12 battery modules in each rack. There are 10 racks. It means there are 120 modules in this installation. 

Each module may have some 16 cells — if 3.2V 50Ah cells are used (1P16S: 16 x 50Ah @ 3V = 2.4kWh). Or each module may have some 512 cells if 1600mAh 18650 cells are used (32P16S 16x 32x = 512x 1.6Ah @ 3V = 2.4hWh).

There may be some 1920 cells (50Ah) or even 61440 cells (1.6Ah) used in this installation.  Wow! What a number of components! How complicated engineering. What a massive mount of labor and efforts!

I still keep wondering: Is there a better to way make a solution for a 288kWh LFP battery system?

The suggestion from GWL is to use the 1000AH monolithic cells. If the system voltage is 48V, you can use 96 cells to make the whole installation. ⭐⭐⭐ The configuration will be 6P16S of the 1000AH cells. How easy and simple to assemble, manage and maintain.

Additionally, you can easily manage the 16S configuration with the CPM and the BCC. This will be a much more robust, stable and reliable than hundreds of electronics components that are mounted in 120 pieces of battery racks.

Last but not least: the performance of the battery pack from Miss Rita is only 120kW for 288kWh. Compare with the monolithic 1000AH cells – with these cells can reach 3C, 5C or even 10C (short time peak). You can get 2.88 MegaWatt (!) from the same size battery pack.

Another comment, especially for Mr. Frederico. Can you see the <?> mark in the picture?  There seems a very important component to be missing on the ceiling of the battery pack chamber. 

Yes! You should install the fire smoke detector with temperature reading to be able to receive a warning quickly in case of smoke, fire, or even the increase of the ambient temperature. At GWL we take the fire safety measures very seriously.

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