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In GWL, we are looking for the solutions to make you happy.

In GWL, we are looking for the solutions to make you happy.

11.Jun 2020
| Blog - Others

In January 2019 we shipped 4x LP12V90AH+ to our client. All the batteries are measured before shipment to ensure that all goods are fine.

Delivery usually take about 3-4 business days and all was delivered in goods condition.

Unfortunately after 11 months, client found out that batteries have low voltage, deeply under allowed voltage range. However the batteries were untouched for 10 months.  

The batteries were not measured or charged right after delivery as recommended.

Anyway, we asked to return batteries to our stock. The client tried to find reliable shipping agent to ship the ADR batteries however no one was willing to transport dangerous goods. So we organized transportation from our side and ensured that batteries come back to us securely. Even then, some issues with pick up happened because the forwarders are very aware of picking up the goods from clients who don’t have ADR licence, however, all issues were resolved and batteries delivered to our office.

Colleagues at the technical department measured the batteries and try to charge them very slowly.

After a few hours of work and charging, the batteries were revealed and working again. Were charged to full and put on the capacity test which were successful and all the batteries had available full capacity 90Ah.

Due to a very unpleasant situation, we decided to make a discount of the service and work we had done in full counting 15,5 hours of work. In addition, we also provided a 30% discount off the shipping cost, because the client had already high expenses with the return shipment. 

All batteries were revealed and ready to be used again.


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