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Is This a New Car or is This an Old Car?

Is This a New Car or is This an Old Car?

29.Apr 2022
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In 2021, with the “chip-production” crisis, with the C-19 pandemic and with the other production issues, many of the car manufacturer started facing the disruption of the production chain. As a result, some of the newly produced cars need to be stocked at the open fields, parking places or even unused air-ports to keep waiting for weeks or months until the production will complete.

Additionally, after the production, the cars are again stocked at the vehicle distribution centers, and they may keep waiting for the customer at the car dealers as well. Some models may be available only after 18 to 24 months after placing the order.

As a result, it may take for many months, or even single years that the new cars are delivered to the customers. Yup, some of the cars have been out that long. Are these new cars or are they old cars?

Of cause, they are new cars. It is the moment the car is sold to the final customer that makes the birth date of the car. Not the date of the production code on some of the components inside the car. Maybe some of the components are already 5 years old, but they are still sold as new ones, and they are covered by the manufacturing warranty from the date of sale of the car.

The same is with the LFP cells: due to the product disruption of the delivery  channel, it may take several months, even parts of years for the cells to reach the final customer after the original production in the factory. 

As already explained many years ago, the cells delivered to customers may sit and travel many months or even 1 to 3 years before they get to the final customer.

Again, as with the new (and old) cars, the cells have the operational life-span expectance of 15 to 30 years, and they are supplied as new, with the full warranty, even though they may have been in the world already for some time, prior to the delivery.

Yes, the new is old and the old is new! Take it or leave.????

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