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Safety First – Fusing and Disconnection

Safety First – Fusing and Disconnection

15.Nov 2021
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The most important part of any DC installation is the proper handling of the circuit protection and the arrangement for the disconnection of the load from the battery.

In order to make a safety disconnection of the DC circuit a proper fusing need to be used in any part of the circuit. GWL provides several types of fuses. For small 12V or 24V applications it is possible to use the MEGA fuses from 100A to 300A.

For small currents in 12V to 48V it is possible to use the regular DC fuses for automobiles.

As a main disconnection switch, GWL supplies the 125A and 250A DC switches. They serve as the emergency switches to shut down, or fully “plug-off” the load from the battery.

Simply said:  all installations need have these components to increase the safety and stability of the operation.  Do you have them in your setup?

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