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FAQ: Operation of the LFP cells at high temperatures above +50°C

FAQ: Operation of the LFP cells at high temperatures above +50°C

10.Jan 2023
| Blog - Tests and diagnosis

Question: I saw that some LFP cells allow the operation up to 65°C or even more. Do you have any suggestions for a high temperature operation?

Answer: The GWL team strongly discourage the continued use of the LFP cells in temperatures above +50°C.  

Even though some datasheets may give the temperature above +50°C, it is in fact only the maximal peak temperature for a short time span or for a quick-time extreme.

For majority of the cells, the maximal operation temperature is +50°C. This is the limit when the operation of the cells must be stopped. It is not possible to keep using the cell if the ambient temperature or the temperature of the cell (or of the terminals) has reached this limit.

The recommended operational temperature for the cells is +25°C. This means there is a need to arrange for some ventilation or cooling system in areas where the ambient temperature would be significantly higher.

It is important to note that the for higher temperatures — above +25°C — the operation performance of the cells decreases.  This means that while the cell can be put in operation for 1C or 2C currents at +25°C, it is necessary to limit the charge/discharge rates for higher temperatures. It is not possible to operate the cell at the maximal limits, at the high temperatures, otherwise the cell would over heat and would be damaged.

All of these topics are fundamental design ideas and principles for the operation of the battery pack. This technical expertise may go beyond the basic information of the datasheets. If you need to get this knowledge, the GWL team will be happy to provide you with more insight by means of a paid technical support.

As a free support, the GWL team has published some design ideas related to high temperatures. Check these articles:

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