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FAQ: Voltage level for the LTO cells

FAQ: Voltage level for the LTO cells

23.Aug 2022
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Question: Concerning the LTO cells, I can see that some information mentions the nominal voltage at 2.3V some other datasheets say 2.4V. I wonder what is the nominal voltage of the 5-cell pack: 11.5V or 12V?

Answer:  both versions of the information are correct. The reason is that the discharge voltage of the LTO cell is between 2.45V to 2.0V. The charge voltage of a single cell is between 2.15V to 2.8V. (valid for 1C rate and 25°C)

This means that the voltage of the 5-cell pack is from 12.25V to 10V. The charge voltage of the pack is 14V.

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