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Getting the dimensions of the cells – 3D PDF helps you!

Getting the dimensions of the cells – 3D PDF helps you!

02.Jan 2023
| Blog - Tests and diagnosis

FAQ: I need to get the exact measurements of the cell to design our own battery box. Please send be the drawing.


1) Yes, of cause, the best idea is to get the samples of the cells to make a small demonstration installation and design the size of your solution based on the real products in your hands.

2) You can also check the 3D PDF with the real drawing of the specific cell. The 3D PDF has the measuring function that allows to get the dimensions directly from the drawing

Check the 3D PDF overview at the ELERIX products GITHUB page.

Note: when working with the real dimensions of the cells, please always consider the production tolerance, which may be +/- 2~3 millimeters.  Also, the cells may swell a little bit, which is typical for the metal case cell. It is necessary to consider this phenomenon when making the battery pack design.

Info:  to get the 3D measuring, you need to enable the 3D PDF viewing and click on the measuring icon (1), select 3D measuring (2), choose the type of measuring rule (3) and you will see the exact dimensions between the two points that you have selected (4)

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