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New Elerix products - Heady duty testing

New Elerix products - Heady duty testing

23.Mar 2021
| Blog - Tests and diagnosis

GWL has been working on the introduction of the new range of the high power LFP cells under the ELERIX brand. Part of the testing is the verification of the thermal performance for the cells.

This photo set shows the results of the high current over charge testing. The cells is discharged with 210Amp current (4.2C for a 50Ah cell) from full to empty. This is far beyond the nominal specification and is considered to be the abuse testing.  The goal of the testing is to see the results of the thermal behavior of the cell.

The summary: even with 4.2C discharge the cell will not overheat. The highest temperature reached us +55°C at the terminals. The cell warms coherently. There are no hot spots detected. The temperature of the outer case (shell) of the cell increases from +20°C to +50°C. It is clearly visible that the terminal blocks on the top of the cell are cooler than the cell itself.

The results of this test: excellent performance and thermal stability confirmed.

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