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The field test demonstration of lithium cell abuse

The field test demonstration of lithium cell abuse

06.Apr 2021
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In the spring of 2019, the GWL/Team has organized the lithium cells abuse demonstration to verify the performance in real conditions. There were following goals of these tests:

  • Make the real field test demonstrations of the over-charge, short-circuit and fire abuse of the various cells: li-ion (NMC), li-ion (pouch), LTO cells and large capacity LFP cells – by Winston.
  • Confirm that the LFP cells and LTO cells are much safer than the li-on NMC and pouch cells.
  • Record the test results by means of the normal and IR cameras.
  • Perform the real demonstration with the co-operation of the local fire-brigade and also their regional head-office representatives.

Actually, for the fire-brigade personnel it was the first time they could see the lithium cells abuse demonstration in real time.

The results of GWL/Team efforts are documented in these videos:

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