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What is GWL team doing?  Working and designing!

What is GWL team doing? Working and designing!

15.Sep 2021
| Blog - Tests and diagnosis

The GWL Team is able to make a solution for any type of energy storage. The copy of the drawing shows details of a project processed by GWL. Large energy storage cabinets with up to 130 kWh battery packs and 50 kW – 400V 3 Phase input/output.  

The DC/AC part is based on the Victron products, the battery storage part is based on Winston cells (for high current applications) or on ELERIX cells (for mid current applications). The control electronics is using the GWL/Modular solution with the CPM board and standard system components.

Are you looking for a similar solution? Be sure to get in touch with GWL for a paid consultation and the project design of the energy storage solution.

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