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One Megawatt of DC Power at Your Hands

One Megawatt of DC Power at Your Hands

25.Apr 2022
| Blog - Winston

This photo shows a preparation for an installation that will consist of 288 pieces of 1000AH cells.  

Each 16 cells will be in one block of 48V/1000AH with useful energy of 51 kWh. Each set is connected to a 20 kVA bidirectional DC/AC inverter. Each block can provide 20kVA for at least 2 hours

There are altogether 18 blocks that are interconnected on the AC line (AC coupling). The total rating is 360 kVA of AC power and the usable storage capacity is 918 kWh of energy.

Unlike the solutions with one central inverter, this solution is fully modular and allows for simple maintenance of any block at any time.  Additionally the DC voltage is operated at the safe 48V level. 

If  you want to make as robust solution as this, please get in touch with GWL.

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