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This is primarily a solution in small systems (with little consumption on board). Generally, replacing the original battery is possible and appropriate as the LiFePO4 battery combines the properties of a starter battery (high current for a short time) and a traction battery (lower currents for a long time, deeper discharging).

Boat Starter battery example

Parallel onboard battery on boats example

Parallel onboard battery on boats

A ships electrical systems are mostly composed of a separate starter battery for the internal combustion engine and one or more on-board batteries for use on a ship (lighting, normal appliances, air-conditi oning, winches, etc.). On-board batteries are mostly replaced by or already designed as LiFePO4. The system has to ensure correct charging and discharging of individual batteries and their cooperation.

Battery Management System for LFP on boat

There are several types of LiFePO4 battery management systems (BMS). We tested and offer BMS 123Smart system which has a very good manufacturer‘s technical support and updates based on feedback from customers.

Battery Management System for LFP on boat, example

Advantages of LFP for boats

Advantages of LFP for boats

In practice, we encounter replacing the original batteries (NiCd, Pb) with new LiFePo4 batteries in smaller boats for the main engine (rentals for holidaymakers, fishermen), or larger vessels as an emergency engine to the combustion engine. The procedures and technical principles described in the previous chapters apply to all these implementations accordingly

Examples of installations

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