AMVOLT 50 kWh LV Modul

Manufacturer: AMVOLT
Art.#: AMV-50-LV
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Unfortunately, this product is temporarily available only on the Czech and Slovak market

AMVOLT 50 kWh LV Module

Scalable robust battery storage from the Czech Republic on low voltage up to 60 V with power up to 108 kW.

AMVOLT's technical philosophy is to build open storage systems in the Czech Republic from individual battery cells and interchangeable standardized components. This significantly extends the life of the entire storage system compared to the now widespread closed, non-repairable battery boxes and drawers.

The AMVOLT LV Modules are intentionally designed to allow the customer to have the option of any future expansion, modification or service without depending on the AMVOLT itself.


Competitive comparison


AMVOLT rack-mounted battery modules are freely scalable(in increments of 50 kWh) and offer customers a complete solution in a compact, modular, industrial form for indoor placement or as part of a container variant. All components except cells (i.e. contactors, relays, BMS, protection circuits...) are made in the EU and USA.

BMS and communication

AMVOLT LV Modules have an integrated BMS of their own design manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is deliberately not connected to any foreign cloud (for security reasons), but at the same time it allows remote control and monitoring by direct access through a firewall which the customer has under his complete control. No one - except persons authorized by the customer - has the ability to remotely shut down, disable, control or monitor the device.



Placement options

a) AMVOLT LV Modules for the technical room

b) Complete low-voltage container storage (technical specifications on request from AMVOLT)




Details of standard delivery of AMVOLT LV Modules

The delivery includes:

  • charged battery cells according to required capacity
  • power elements
  • corsets, jumpers, support rack with cabling
  • X pieces of switchgear (according to the number of floors)
  • Victron inverters according to the required capacity
  • DC interconnection of substation and inverter (e.g. using NSGAFoU 120 mm2 cables)
  • transport of material
  • staff travel and accommodation
  • electrical documentation, wiring diagram of the battery and BMS
  • mechanical assembly
  • battery recovery at the installation site
  • authorised inspection after the first month of operation.

  • Warranty conditions of AMVOLT LV Modules


    Terms of conditions:

  • 12 years warranty from the date of delivery for the mechanical construction of the shelving modules
  • 5 year warranty on battery protection circuitry (BMS)
  • 5 years transferred supplier's warranty on modular switchgear components such as circuit breakers, contactors
  • Warranty 12 years or 8000 charge cycles = charge (70% SoC) and discharge (70% DoD) (whichever comes first) to 60% of nominal battery cell capacity
  • To maintain the maximum warranty, we recommend that regular annual system inspections are carried out and that any interventions to the internal wiring are only entrusted to trained and qualified personnel of the supplier or storage operator
  • Delivery Time:

  • AMVOLT LV Modules for the technical room in 4 weeks
  • Low-voltage container storage in 4 months

  • Price:

  • Taking battery lifetime into consideration, the price per kWh stored in AMVOLT LV Modules is lower than the most commonly installed "black-box" battery storage on the market.

  • If you have a question or interest in AMVOLT LV Modules, do not hesitate to contact us

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