ISDT Smart Charger, 60W

Manufacturer: ISDT
Art.#: ISDT-PD-60
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Tiny, powerfull and smart charger with 60W performance

Product description

The Smart Charger is designed in small size, coupled with PD and QC fast charging protocol, can be easily put in the bag whether in daily life or during travel. The small size, light weight, high performance of 60W, variety in charging different battery cells, makes this product universal for daily use.


USB-C Power input

- Compatible with QC 2.0/3.0 and USB PD 2.0/3.0.
- It supports 5-20V Voltage Input.
- Connecting the computer through the USB-C interface, upgrade to the latest firmware

Concise and Efficient

With streamlined two operation buttons and clear status indicators, it could be so easy to get started with a smart charger.



Natural convection, silent and heat dissipation

The all-aluminum radiator combines a honeycomb radiator and a hidden air inlet to quietly take away heat by natural convection.


Application examples

Diagnostic and Charging connection for 12V battery packs

What do you need to purchase to charge your your 12V LiFePO4 battery pack?

  • 1 pc ISDT-PD-60
  • 1 pc ISDT-BG-8S
  • 2 pcs GWL/M-C5D
  • 1 pc ISDT-USB-C
  • 1 pc GWL/M-JSTXH-5
  • 1 pc ISDT-CHARGER-65W
  • 1 pc EX-L12V6 / EX-L12V12
    EX-L12V18 / EX-L12V24 / EX-L12V30

  • PowerAssist


    Diagnostic connection
    and Balancing charging

    What do you need to purchase to diagnostic, balance and charging your LiFePO4 battery EX-L12V100R?

  • 1 pc ISDT-PD-60
  • 1 pc ISDT-BG-8S
  • 1 pc ISDT-USB-C
  • 1 pc ISDT-CHARGER-65W
  • 1 pc GWL/M-C5w
  • 1 pc GWL/M-C5D
  • 1 pc GWL/M-JSTXH-5
  • 1 pc EX-L12V100R

  • Technical data

  • Input voltage: 5~20V
  • Output voltage: DC 1~20V
  • Max. input current: DC 3A
  • Balance current: 0.5A/Cell Max
  • Supported Quick-charge:: QC2.0/3.0 PD2.0/3.0 (This charger supports fast charge protocol but 5V/1A adapter input is not supported)
  • Max. charging power: 60W
  • Abnormal voltage alarm:: Support
  • Incorrect cell count setting alarm: Support
  • Supported battery types and cell count: LiFe, LiPo 1~4S, LiHv 1-4S, NiMH, Cd 1-12S
  • Max. charging power: 60W

  • Package contents

  • 1 unit Smart Charger

  • Dimension (mm) 56×85×21
    Weight (kg) 0.087
    Height (mm) 85
    Width (mm) 56
    Depth (mm) 21
    Nominal Voltage (V) 24
    Max. voltage (V) 30.4
    Charging current (A) 20
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