GWL/POWER DC Switch ZJK125 - 125A, 48V

DC Switch ZJK125 - 125A, 48V
Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Art.#: ZJK125
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The switch is suitable as a safety disconnection of your LiFePO4 battery pack up to 48V. You can use it to safety control the contactor or any other high current switch.
The ZJK125 switche has been designed to provide a rapid means of disconnecting batteries or other power supplies in the event of serious electrical faults. The switche is primarily intended for use with battery powered vehicles but they are also suitable for use with static power systems. All types are capable of safely rupturing full load battery currents in the event of an emergency.

The ZJK125 is a manually operated device with an over-centre spring mechanism which provides a snap action for both opening and closing of the main contacts. The ZJK125 is easy to install and is secured with supplied M5 posidrive mounting screws.

When fitted with magnetic blowouts the polarity marked on the contact housing must be observed when connecting the main terminals. Ensure that the switches are installed in a position where heavy arcs emanating from the switch cannot damage or electrically jump across to adjacent parts.
The switch is to be used to rupture current in an emergency or as a no-load isolator.
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