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Lithium battery extinguishing spray. Specifically compatible and determinated for LiFePO4 batteries.

Product description

Spray extinguishing agent with high extinguishing effect. The extinguishing spray with extra power also for extinguishing oil and grease in the kitchen, lithium batteries, household appliances, wood and solids, liquid - gasoline, diesel, thinners. Made in the Czech Republic

A completely new type of fire extinguisher

  • For everything and especially for oil and lithium batteries - the only one with the SZU test in Europe!
  • A special chemical extinguishing agent, not just water and foaming agent
  • Works in all spray positions (even upside down)
  • Special foaming nozzle - ensures optimum dispersion over a wide area
  • Foam product does not leave a mess after extinguishing (difference compared to powder extinguishers)
  • Material soaked in this extinguishing agent is more resistant to burning even after drying
  • Fully functional up to -5 °C, refreezing does not reduce the function

  • Technical information of the Glaci-Aid MG-400 fire extinguishing spray

  • Extinguishing agent: premix ABF with additives
  • Extinguishing agent content: 400 ml / 415g
  • Weight of complete package with cap and nozzle: 105 g
  • Range: 2 m
  • Operating time: 11 s
  • Operating temperatures: -5°C to +50°C
  • Discharge gas: air 9 bar at +20°C
  • Extinguishes fires of class: 2A, 8B, C up to 3bar, E up to 400V, 5F, Li-ion battery
  • Ability to interrupt extinguishing: at any time by releasing pressure on the nozzle

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