Walking Stone Carpet

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Relaxing rubber carpet with stones imitation
Product description:

The relaxing carpet with stone immitation moderate foot massage and produces unexpected benefits to the human body. When you’re having a rest, take off your shoes and let the soles of the feet have an intimate contact with the natural stone material.


This product can be used in beauty saloons, meditation room, bathroom, bedroom or even in the park, just place the massage mat on the floor and walk on it barefooted. Massage effect would be better if you drink up a cup of warm boiled water before, in order to may promote the blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism. At the beginning, your feet might feel a little pain, that is completely normal. You could put a soft blanket over the mat. You could also shorten the walking time at first, and gradually increas the time amount of exercise.
Dimension (mm) 1200 x 40
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