GWL/MODULAR Laboratory Power Supply / Charger 60V/10A for LFP/LTO Cells

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Art.#: GWL/M-LAB60V10A
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Laboratory Power Supply / Charger 60V/10A for LFP/LTO cells

Product description

GWL/M-LAB60V10A is a laboratory power supply with gradual voltage regulation (from 0 V to 60 V) and current limitation (from 0 A to 10 A).

Key points

  • Quality material: made of high quality plastic material, sturdy and durable, can be used for a long time.
  • Widely compatible: suitable for a variety of electrical appliances, such as power supply, electronic products, electric equipment, etc.
  • Easy and fast installation: it is easy to install and disassemble, which can save your time and energy. The installation is very convenient.
  • Power supply: the power supply has a usb port, which can be used to charge your electronic devices and other devices.
  • Product features

  • Designed with 10-turn potentiometers for more precise values
  • Automatic conversion with constant voltage and constant current
  • Over voltage (OVP), over current (OCP), over temperature protection (OTP).
  • Circuit designed to be used for 24-hour full load working
  • Intelligent fan controlled by temperature

  • Technical specification

  • Voltage Input: AC 220V 50Hz
  • Voltage Output: DC 0-60V adjustable
  • Current Output: DC 0-10A adjustable
  • Resolution: voltage 0.1V, current 0.1A
  • Accuracy: +/-1%+/-1 digit
  • LED display: two displays with 4 digits
  • Settings: coarse and fine voltage and current
  • Wide operating temperature: -10 °C - +40 °C

  • PowerAssist

    TIP: Charging single cells using the regulated (laboratory) power supply

    This laboratory power supply allow charging of the individual cells. Using such a regulated power supply is a suitable method for performing the initial charging or for the balancing of a single cell in a battery pack (by means of charging to a fixed voltage level).

    There are usually 3 steps to follow:

    1) set the target voltage (open voltage) – without the connection of the battery (3.65 V),
    2) start charging and set the current to be used (3.0 A),
    3) when the charger reaches the target voltage – it usually starts to reduce the charging current until a low value. (3.66 V reached at 0.04A). It is a time to stop charging and disconnecting the charger.

    FAQ Manual about detailed product description, operation, installation and technical specification can be found here.

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