SIEMENS LOGO programmable automatic machine (6ED1052-1MD08-0BA1)

GWL Battery Communicator and Controller for CPM
Manufacturer: GWL/Modular
Art.#: GWL/M-Siemens-LOGO
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Compact control system with cloud interface

Product description

With LOGO!, Siemens offers you the ideal controller for simple automation tasks in industry and building services. The modular design of LOGO! makes it consistently flexible. A wide range of modules allows you to create configurations to meet your needs.


Despite the ongoing and consistent development of the functionality, ease of operation for programmers and users has always been paramount. For this reason we introduced "ready-to-use functions" such as ON/OFF delay, weekly timer, pulse generator, astro timer, annual timer, stop watch, etc. which usually have to be programmed first in a typical PLC. More than 40 functions are available and programs can include up to 400 blocks. Customers can use LOGO! to program their own macro functions and create libraries from tested subfunctions. The option to record data opens up new areas of application.

Basic technical specification

  • With display: Yes
  • Mounting: on 35 mm DIN rail, 4 spacing units wide
  • Supply voltage
  • permissible range, lower limit (DC): 10.8 V
  • permissible range, upper limit (DC): 28.8 V
  • Time switching clocks
  • Number: 400; Max. 400, function-specific
  • Power reserve: 480 h
  • Inputs / Outputs
  • Number of digital inputs: 8; Of which 4 can be used in analog mode (0 to 10 V)
  • Number of digital outputs: 4; Relays
  • Output current
  • for signal "1" permissible range: 10A
  • Switching capacity of contacts
  • with inductive load, max.: 3A
  • with resistive load, max.: 10A

  • Notes

  • Basic datasheet can be downloaded here
  • Product information in detail can be found here
  • Original code::6ED1052-1MD08-0BA1
  • Power supply (V) 10.8-28.8
    Weight (kg) 0.2
    Lenght (mm) 60
    Height (mm) 90
    Width (mm) 71.5
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