IFPE110 - Lithium Cell LiFePO4 (3.2V/110Ah)

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Shipping weight: 3.54 kg Hazardous
Industrial lithium cell with high energy density, made on the safe LiFePO4 technology. Capacity: 110Ah, size: 165x224x39 mm, weight: 2,79 kg. Model: IFPE110

The tiny dimensions (165x224x39) and weight only 2,79 Kg makes this cell suitable for EV and lightweight applications as well as for energy storage.

Main advantages of the IFPE110

  • Supports high speed discharge (2C, 220A)
  • Provides high currents at peak discharge (2,5C, 275A)
  • High quality of production for long lifespan (over 2000 cycles at 80% DoD with 80% residual capacity)
  • Narrow tolerance of the specifications
  • Aluminium housing (case)

Hint: we suggest to use the cells in parallel to achieve higher capacity, i.e. 220Ah (2 cells), 330Ah (3 cells), 440Ah (4 cells)

Technical information

  • Nominal voltage 3.2 V, operational voltage is 2.5 V - 3.65 V
  • The maximum charging voltage for initial charge 3.75 V
  • Recommended subsequent charging is to 3.65 V
  • Maximum discharge current is 2C (for 3 min)
  • Peak discharge current is 2,5C (for 30 seconds)
  • Operating temperature -20°C up to 60°C (discharging)
  • Operating temperature -10°C up to 50°C (charging)

  • 2 pcs of bolts M8 with standard pitch are included in the product packing for free

The following chart show the discharging capacity test. Even the Discharging current 0,5C, 2C and 4C in voltage range 3,6V - 2,5V.

User Manual Please read USER MANUAL/WARRANTY CONDITIONS before use.
FAQDo you have technical question? Try BLOG.

Application notes
These battery cells are suitable for all traction applications including, electric bikes and scooters. They support high current discharge rates. The cells can also be used for the stationary applications - such as energy storage and solar applications. The self discharge rate is very low. There is no memory effect – the cells can be recharged at any state of discharge. LiFePO4 is a very safe technology, with no spontaneous combustion, fire and explosion.

Important: Always follow the guidelines in the USER MANUAL.

Operational instructions:

  • All goods is supplied as new, directly from the manufacturer
  • Before the first use, always charge the cells to full voltage
  • The initial charge must be done with low current at max 0.5C - i.e. 25A for 50Ah cell
  • Protect the cell terminals against dirt, damage and short-circuit
  • The cells must be monitored and protected against deep discharge and over charge
  • The charge and discharge must be carried under supervision

Support information

Initial, first time charging

Cells are precharged from manufacturer to conservation charge (usually 30-50%).
The cells have to be charged with low current before the first use.
The first charge should not exceed 0.5 C - eg for 100Ah cell is 50A.
FAQ: Initial charging information

For initial charging of multiple cells, connect them in parallel and the charger outputs should be connected to both ends of the parallel rows of cells, exactly as it is described here:
FAQ: The initial charging of the number of cells

We recommend to use chargers specially made for LiFePO4 cells First charge and initial balancing of the whole pack is important step towards long lifetime.

Alternatively you can use regulated (Laboratory) Power supply as initial charge tool. Short description how to proceed.

LiFePO4 chargers
Weight (kg) 2,79
Height (mm) 224
Width (mm) 165
Depth (mm) 39
Nominal Voltage (V) 3,2
Capacity (Ah) 110
Max discharge current (A) 275
Optimal discharge current (A) 110
Max charging current (A) 160
Optimal charging current (A) 36,7
icon IFPE110 - Lithium Cell LiFePO4 (3.2V/110Ah) Industrial lithium cell with high energy density, made on the safe LiFePO4... 85.80$
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