BMS Easy - the long-awaited addition to the GWL kitchen is here!

It is one of the simplest individual LFP cell over- and under-charge protectors with zero self-consumption. It also acts as a possible short-circuit protection and manual battery disconnection, e.g. when switching off for a longer period of time without operation.

What are the key features of this BMS?

  • Basic protection for backup power supply, caravans, huts...
  • Double (backup) protection for advanced BMS systems
  • Double warning for control systems
  • Automatic shutdown in case of fault without software elements
  • If connected to battery cells, creates protection for 12, 24, 48V systems, etc.
  • Interested in wiring options? Check out the product detail.

    Introducing WeCo 5k3 XP Dual Voltage Energy Storage System

    Today we have a real treat for you from sunny Italy. WeCo 5k3 XP Dual Voltage - one of the most advanced energy storage systems not only for households! Dual voltage means that the storage is usable for both low and high voltage systems. Plus, it is scalable in clusters (up to 15 in parallel for low voltage - 1 cluster; up to 16 in series for high voltage).

    What other advantages does WeCo storage offer? See for yourself:

  • Modul capacity - 5.3 kWh (scalable)
  • Real-time balancing
  • 2xDI/DO programming capability
  • Adaptive CAN logic for charging/discharging
  • Mobile APP for monitoring, remote control, updates, etc.
  • Check out the rest - there's a lot to like!

    Nachricht an unsere deutschen Kunden

    Sie planen den Kauf einer PV-Anlage oder einzelnen Komponenten? Seit dem 01.01.2023 wurde in Deutschland die Mehrwertsteuer für Photovoltaik-Anlagen und wesentliche Komponenten von 19% auf 0% gesetzt. Durch unsere langjährige Partnerschaft mit unserem deutschen Partner, bieten wir der deutschen Privatkunden an, unsere Produkte über die firma FAKTOR zu bestellen.

  • Interessiert in LFP Zellen / Batterien und Zubebör?
  • Interessiert in Batterie Management Systeme?
  • Interessiert in Batterie Zubehör?
  • Interessiert in PV-Material wie Module, Batteriespeicher?
  • Wir bedanken uns für Ihre Zusammenarbeit. Bei allen anderen Produkten / Fragen, kontaktieren Sie bitte H. Filip Florian unter [email protected] oder +420 721 303 331.

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