ELERIX - They keep coming!

Our ELERIX LFP & LTO portfolio is getting bigger every week, new and new kinds of cells keep coming.

At this moment, we are fully restocked with all different types of ELERIX cells, LFP or LTO, ranging from 30 Ah capacity to 110 Ah.

The cells are tiny and light which makes them perfect for all traction applications...but they also serve well as power storage.

->Pick your own ELERIX<-

Proper battery management is always needed

Relays, switches, contactors, etc, that’s what GWL offers too.

Check out our company well-tested new products that might help with your battery management:

Remote Battery Switch DCM-RBS-12-500
→ bidirectional solid state relay with very low power consumption when turned on.

PowerSwitch 48V 100A
→ highly efficient, bidirectional solid state relay which consumes as little as 0.8mA when turned on. This ensures that you can switch very high power with very little.

AMETEK Magnetic Latching Contactor 12V, 600A (JEY4803AB00)
→ new brand AMETEK which we added to our portfolio, as its first product we offer 12v contactor.

12V LFP ThunderSky Winston - YouTube video

Another YouTube Video is out from GWL production!

This time we took a closer look at well-known and reliable
12V ThunderSky Winston

You are going to find out:

  • How to properly use the battery
  • What types are on the market
  • And for what types of applications is the best

Also, we have opened up the battery to see how it looks inside.

ThunderSky Winston 12V LFP Battery | Presentation

Stack your LFP cells in a precise casing - ELERIX Holder

One cell is almost never enough for proper energy storage and therefore a stack of cells is needed to reach the desired capacity.

For such a case, we recommend using ELERIX Pack holder which was precisely designed for 8pcs of ELERIX EX-110 LiFePO cells.

All in one packing and our step by step manual makes this kit easy to set up just within a few minutes

The ELERIX holder features:

  • Simple and safe manipulation with the cells, easy integration for various applications
  • Mechanical readiness for mounting of the BMS components and additional extension modules (DIN rails and punched side plates)
  • Full mechanical protection of cells against external mishandling
  • Simple access to the individual cells and quick replacement of any cell and other components

Store the energy into reliable ELERIX cells. You power the life!

YinLong LTO Battery Cells 45Ah are now available!

The YinLong battery cells are here even with more power now
- 45Ah types.

What is great about these cells?
  • Can be charged in 6 minutes
  • Life-span about 30 000 cycles
  • Very safe LTO technology - no ignition, no explosion
  • Wide temperature range -50°C to 65°C

A few years ago we made a popular video about
YinLong battery cells.The video describes the usage and advantages of these cells.

You can watch the video here → YouTube video about LTO YinLong Cells

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