The storage is easy! Just 64 cells to make a 205 kWh 

A massive energy storage solution using the. Four times 16 cells make the total of 64 cells with 3.2V and 1000AH.It is altogether 205 kWh of energy storage.

This solution was assembled as a part ofthe AMVOLT projectthat is fully scalable and serviceab

26.Sep 2022
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The GWL Team has published some ofthe support materials for the DC products and solutions at GitHub. At this moment there are.

Check theand stay in touch with the technical news from GWL

More about.

26.Sep 2022
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The improved version of GITHUB allows a direct viewing of the STL files with the 3-dimensional model of the ELERIX cells.

Check directly theELERIX cell models at the GITHUB site:

More about

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FAQ: Will the panels from GWL really work for 30+ years?

Answer:GWL team is definitely sure the solar panelswill work for at least 30 years, perhaps even for 40, 50 or even more years.

The solar panels supplied by GWL are manufactured by the latest technology standards and methods.

The oldest customers of GWL have installed solar panels in 200

19.Sep 2022
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FAQ:  Testing cells or packs at a customer location

Question:I have a battery pack installed in my EV (in my boat, in my RV, in my house, etc.) I wish to check the condition of this pack to see the real capacity of the cells. Can GWL offer any solution for me? (Perhaps you can come to me for the weekend and make the test. Or you can send m

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The Memory of THE QUEEN

The rainbow over Windsor Castle as we learn the sad news of the beloved Queen.

(from twitter)

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FAQ: The performance of the lead-acid cells in cold and...

The winter of 2022-2023 is coming in just a few months and many customers wonder aboutthe performance of their battery packs. Especially those who have been using the lead-acid batteries.

The performance of the lead-acid batteries drops significantly in sub-zero temperatures.The above diagr

23.Aug 2022
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FAQ: Voltage level for the LTO cells

Question:Concerning the LTO cells, I can see that some information mentions the nominal voltage at 2.3V some other datasheets say 2.4V. I wonder what is the nominal voltage of the 5-cell pack: 11.5V or 12V?

Answer: both versions of the information are correct. The reason is that the disc

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GWL (as AMVOLT) at Intersolar 2022 - B2 175

GWL was present at Intersolar again - after the“pause” of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Our booth was presented under the AMVOLT brand at Smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe).

AMVOLT is a division of GWL a.s. and manufactures

04.Aug 2022
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The Communication for BC-16 Battery Meter

comes with the TTL communication port that allows reading the data of the BC in a digital way.

Please see the photos of the connection of the communication cable. Check more at ELERIX GitHub –

The TTL-232 to USB converterthat has been tested by GWL –

04.Aug 2022
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