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What solution do you suggest...

What solution do you suggest for a small 12V/40AH solar installation?

The solar panel (fig. 1) needs to be the 18V model (not the 36V - 60 cells or 40V - 72 cell model), for example will work fine, providing some up 8 Amp charging current.

The fuses (fig. 2.) should be always connected to protect against short circuit. In t

18.Mar 2016
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Using the infra-red camera to...

Using the infra-red camera to analyze solar panels

All customers using solar panels should perform a yearly inspection of the solar installation. With the help of the infra-red camera (thermo-camera), it is quite easy to detect the defective cells or other problems that are reflected as ther

13.Mar 2016
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Micro Inverter installation...

Micro Inverter installation diagram - single phase (using YC500)

A suggestion of the installation diagram for the micro-inverter installation.

Note: for small site installations the power rating in Europe is limited to 16Amp (some 3500 Watts) - this corresponds to 7 microinverters per one

10.Mar 2016
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A low power solar charging...

A low power solar charging solution

Question: I am looking for a cheap but complete solution to charge move mobile (tablet, router, etc…) with 5W. I need a complete solution, not components. Do you have any solution to work all year around?

Answer: We do not ha

23.Jan 2016
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GWL/Sunny Flexible Mono 100 Wp...

GWL/Sunny Flexible Mono 100 Wp (MPPT 18V) - Technical specifications

Made with high efficiency back-contact solar cells

Electrical Characteristics Max Power Voltage Vmp - 17.8V Open Circuit Voltage Voc - 21.6V Maximum System Voltage - 600V Max Power Pmax - 100W Max Power Current Imp - 5.62A Short Circuit Current Isc - 5.97A Series Fuse Rating - 1

20.Sep 2015
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Off-grid Solar Installation...

Off-grid Solar Installation with MPPT regulator

Following components are needed:

  1. Solar panel or
  2. for storing the energy
  3. to monitor the setup
  4. [Optional: ]
  5. DC load (the appliance or equipment)
12.Sep 2015
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What is the size of the frame...

Size of the frame (white stripe at the perimeter) is 14mm on the shorter side and 28mmon the longerside.

24.Jun 2015
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GWL/Power Solar panel...

GWL/Power Solar panel GWL/Sunny Flexible Mono 60 Wp (MPPT 18V)

The most favorite flexible panel in our offer. Check the.

31.May 2015
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The specifications of the...

The specifications of the latest models of solar panels: 310Wp, 260Wp, 150Wp

26.May 2015
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FAQ:  30 year warranty on...

FAQ: 30 year warranty on solar panels - how possible?

Question: The warranty for solar panels is up to 30 years. How do I know that your company will be here in 30 years (2045) and that I can apply my warranty?

Answer: At GWL, we truly hope that our company will be working for many

24.May 2015
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