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GWL MicroInverters approved by...

GWL MicroInverters approved by Synergrid in Belgium

The microinverters distributed by GWL were approved by the Belgian Grid authority Synergrid. Check online at .(section C10/26 - Lijst van erkende uitrustingen voor de toepassing van §2.10, §2.13 en bijlage 4 va

26.Feb 2015
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How many solar panels do I...

How many solar panels do I need?

The answer may depend on your location. Perhaps when you are in Italy you may need much less solar panels compared to a location in Sweden or Finland.

For example: with , you may use 8x 250Wp panels in a middle of Europe (with 1000kWh

15.Feb 2015
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The nomads in the grassy...

The nomads in the grassy plains of Mongolia are solar powered

The solar technology brings a complete energy independence to people in remote locations such as Mongolian grass-lands.

The solar brings an obvious paradox: while the people in “developed” countries pay more

11.Jan 2015
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GridFree - get your energy...

GridFree - get your energy free - more designs for installations

Optional wiring solutions for GridFree installations.

Wiring No. 2 shows example where the light switch is the main sensor for the installation. This is especially useful if you wish to maximize the “solar only” energy use.

Wiring No. 3 shows examp

06.Jan 2015
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Example of GridFree...

Example of GridFree installation for heating or dehumidifying

The block diagram shows an example of using the to allow for electric energy heating, ventilation or dehumidifying.

The energy from the grid is combined with the energy from the GridFree installation. &nb

06.Jan 2015
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Solar panels – examples of a...

Solar panels – examples of a serial and parallel connection

The above diagrams show the difference in the serial versus the parallel connection of solar panels.

Withserial connection, you connect the MC4 connector of one panel to the other. The voltage of the panels will increase. The current will be the same. For e

04.Jan 2015
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Small size 20Wp and 40Wp solar...

Small size 20Wp and 40Wp solar panels

Solar panels for small size off-grid installations and.

30.Dec 2014
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Another small solar GridFree...

Another small solar GridFree installation

Just 3 panels, 3 . Ideal to balance the energy consumption in the household.

Start saving the energy from the grid by the self-production of your own energy.

30.Nov 2014
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GWL/Power - the European...

GWL/Power - the European support partner for Solar products

We wish to help you to get the best results of the solar technology.

Check the latest information. We hope you can learn from the links bellow and get support for your projects.

What is the aging rate of the solar panels fro

28.Oct 2014
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FAQ: What is inside the...

FAQ: What is inside the junction box on the back side of the solar panel?

Answer: The junction box contains terminal wires (+ pole), (- minus)and also by-pass diodes.

The purpose of bypass diodes is to shunt the current around a shaded,weak or damaged panel. Otherwise there isthe risk that full current from the rest of the panels will pass

20.Oct 2014
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