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GWL MicroInverters approved by...

GWL MicroInverters approved by Synergrid in Belgium

The microinverters distributed by GWL were approved by the Belgian Grid authority Synergrid. Check online at .(section C10/26 - Lijst van erkende uitrustingen voor de toepassing van §2.10, §2.13 en bijlage 4 va

26.Feb 2015
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How many solar panels do I...

How many solar panels do I need?

The answer may depend on your location. Perhaps when you are in Italy you may need much less solar panels compared to a location in Sweden or Finland.

For example: with , you may use 8x 250Wp panels in a middle of Europe (with 1000kWh

15.Feb 2015
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GridFree - get your energy...

GridFree - get your energy free - more designs for installations

Optional wiring solutions for GridFree installations.

Wiring No. 2 shows example where the light switch is the main sensor for the installation. This is especially useful if you wish to maximize the “solar only” energy use.

Wiring No. 3 shows examp

06.Jan 2015
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Example of GridFree...

Example of GridFree installation for heating or dehumidifying

The block diagram shows an example of using the to allow for electric energy heating, ventilation or dehumidifying.

The energy from the grid is combined with the energy from the GridFree installation. &nb

06.Jan 2015
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Get Electricity Yourself -...

GetElectricityYourself - Be GridFree

The instruction video showing the operation of the micro-inverters. (Video recorded in 4/2013)

The video in the Czech language with the English subtitles.

Check the English subtitles for the firs

29.Dec 2014
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GridFree and the microinverter...

GridFree and the microinverter installation (from 2:51)

In 2013 we have compiled a video explaining the GridFree technology.

The video in the Czech language with the English subtitles.

Check the English subtitles for the second part of the video from 2:51

  • Hello, my name is Rui Rodrigues and I
29.Dec 2014
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FAQ: GridFree and the power...

FAQ: GridFree and the power output regulations (VDE-AR-N4105 andCEI 0-21)

Question: There exists a regulation VDE-AR-N4105, which says, that output power form the solar power-plan must be limited, with not more than 70% of the current of the installation allowed to be sent back to the grid. How is this applied for GridFree self consumption systems?

01.Dec 2014
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Another small solar GridFree...

Another small solar GridFree installation

Just 3 panels, 3 . Ideal to balance the energy consumption in the household.

Start saving the energy from the grid by the self-production of your own energy.

30.Nov 2014
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Linking the energy meter...

Linking the energy meter HA-104 main unit and the sensor unit

Follow these steps to link the main unit and the sensor unit together.

Main Unit

  • Insert the battery into the main unit with display.
  • Press MODE + SEARCH for some 5 seconds until two sound signals are heard.
  • The displa
29.Nov 2014
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Microinverters for Italy! 

Microinverters for Italy!

GWL MicroInverters are certified for Italy according to the new regulation CEI 0-21. The only microinverter system totally certified for Italy - microinverters MAC250. For registered systems using the FIT tariff the eGate is mandatory in Italy. The eGat

07.Nov 2014
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