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GWL (as AMVOLT) at Intersolar 2022 - B2 175

GWL was present at Intersolar again - after the“pause” of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Our booth was presented under the AMVOLT brand at Smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe).

AMVOLT is a division of GWL a.s. and manufactures

04.Aug 2022
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GWL Team at Intersolar 2022 - GWL Stand Build-Up

Even though Intersolar 2022 is already gone, are you wondering how the construction of our stand went?

It wasn’t exactly easy maneuvering with the container energy storage, but everything worked out well in the end.

Check the product solutions for large modular energy storage from

20.Jun 2022
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GWL Team again at Intersolar 2022!

GWL returns as an exhibitor to the Intersolar 2022. You can meet tour teem atthe booth B2-175. We warmly invite you to come and check the products of theELERIX brandand the new project solutions under the AMVOLT product line.

for further information about the GWL bo

04.May 2022
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Switch Your EX! Get Wired!

New photos of theGWL/Modular EX Switch. The project continues with more and more wires added. Simply: Get Wired to switch your AC to DC and the DC to AC.

More details about theGWL/Modular EX Switchto be coming soon!

25.Apr 2022
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GWL/Modular EX Switch – Moving on!

From the design to the real product. GWL Team keeps working on theGWL/Modular EX Switch. As explained the EX-Switch is a complete switching board solution to be certified according to the EU norms.

We are sending the kisses to the EX-Switch by means of these photos from the installation.


25.Apr 2022
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Web Page Error – Information is Gone

Sometimes there is an error at the web page. Some information may be deleted, moved or modified.

If this happens, try to keep searching of the information by other means. If you still cannot find the information, be sure to contact the GWL sales department with the information about the speci

04.Apr 2022
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GWL Youtube channel – See the Work of the GWL/Team

GWL/Team keeps publishing the videos for the new products and the solutions of the applications.

Check the most popular videos on the GWL Youtube channel

  • New Battery technology that lasts decades, Lithium Titanate Oxid – LTO (2.654 mil. views)
14.Feb 2022
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What is wrong with my battery?

Please help me! I need a warranty replacement of your cells. The cells are not working. Some cells have become very big (swollen) and my system does not charge any more.

Answer:The data from your BMS shows that your battery system does not work properly. You keep charging the cells andso

31.Jan 2022
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Welcome in 2022!

More power, more energy, more independence, more self-sufficiency.

GWL Team keeps working for yet another year filled with exciting products for DC power solutions.

We keep thanking to all of our customers, partners, supporters and all good people of the world for the possibility to bring innovat

03.Jan 2022
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All you wanted to know about LiFePO4

… but were afraid to ask. How to operate a LFP battery in 7 steps.

Download the guidebook to help you understand the bets practice for using the LFP cells, batteries and packs.

Free to download as.

03.Jan 2022
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