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Czech DC Battery Powered Shunting Locos – 1926-1965

The Czech railway operatedbattery powered locos as early as 1926. The idea of the shunting loco was simple and ecological —charge the battery at night (with cheap energy)and use the loco during the day to shunt the rail stock around the Prague Main Railway Station.

At those times

15.Sep 2021
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Inside “The Beast”

The photo of the inside of theGWL/Modular Complete Energy Centerfor the.

The two photos bellow show the moment of the first installation and the place of the installation after the other technology components (water, purification, heating, etc) were installe

30.Aug 2021
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The Core of the House and The Ready House!

This is one of the photos from the construction of theCzech Sustainable Houses (CSoD) project.

The top photo was takenin first part of 2020, when the core of the house was completed and before.

In early part of 2021, the house has been completed. Now there is a lot of final work needed

30.Aug 2021
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Please help me – Overstock of Unused Old-like-new...

From email:Our company has some overstock of cells and batteries we purchased in the past. They are like new - they were in the warehouse for last 8 years - completely unused. We have about 3000 pieces. Can you come to our warehouse to check these? We will talk and make the best price for

20.Jul 2021
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Child Helpline International – supported by GWL

GWL is helping and supporting. By means of DC/AC technical solutions, we are helping a large communality of energy users worldwide. Through a local financial support, GWL is helping to fund the “Child Helpline International”.

???? For 10 years already, GWL supports child-help nonprofit organizati

30.Jun 2021
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GWL’s Team Work: It is beautiful!

When you take a little time and look at all the details of the work of the GWL/Team members, you can only take a breath and say:“Yes, it is beautiful.”

Ideas, colors, designs, efficiency, smartness, clever minds…. and much more.

Thank you all!

21.Jun 2021
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The Climate Chamber for the GWL Testing

This is the photo of theclimate chamberin which the GWL products are being tested and verified. Recently GWL team has been testing many ofto confirm the specifications of the cells within the full range of the operational temperaturesfrom -40°C to +50&d

17.Jun 2021
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Coffee Time @ GWL

There is also time for a coffee and some small snack: nuts & chocolate.

Let us enjoy the life!

02.Jun 2021
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VZV - The Fork Lift Battery Replacement Project

The technical team of GWL keeps working on the project of the battery replacement for the fork lift battery packs.

The original lead- acid cells will be replaced by the LFP. See some project designs with the cell placement in side the battery container. There are many configurations possible,

02.Jun 2021
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The CSoD project – 100% Success in Winter 2021

The photo of thewinter day in January 2021. The sun is shining at the lowest sky position and it is quite cold outside even during the daytime. Yet, even in the deepest winter, theCzech Sustainable House project (CSoD)is full of energy and fully habitable.

Some of the doubters of t

02.Jun 2021
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