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Coffee Time @ GWL

There is also time for a coffee and some small snack: nuts & chocolate.

Let us enjoy the life!

02.Jun 2021
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VZV - The Fork Lift Battery Replacement Project

The technical team of GWL keeps working on the project of the battery replacement for the fork lift battery packs.

The original lead- acid cells will be replaced by the LFP. See some project designs with the cell placement in side the battery container. There are many configurations possible,

02.Jun 2021
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The CSoD project – 100% Success in Winter 2021

The photo of thewinter day in January 2021. The sun is shining at the lowest sky position and it is quite cold outside even during the daytime. Yet, even in the deepest winter, theCzech Sustainable House project (CSoD)is full of energy and fully habitable.

Some of the doubters of t

02.Jun 2021
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GWL/Modular Hammer Holder

A revolutionary solution from GWL! The Hammer Holder.

Are you tired because of holding the hammer in your hands? Just put it into the Hammer Holder.The greatest technology solution from GWL! Enjoy!

[???? joke]

02.Jun 2021
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The CSoD Project - Real or fiction?

These photos are fromGWL’s project of the Czech Sustainable house. This project goes on very well and the house is now fully equipped and operating.

The set of these photos showsvarious realities of the same thing. Which of these photos is true?Which of them is the reality?&nb

17.May 2021
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GWL/Modular Balancing Rail in action

Balancing rail is a setup of 8 balancing resistors connected to the metallic rail-holder.

Each resistor is a20W, 0.68Ohm ceramic model. With balancing voltage of3.65Vit will pass through the current of5.36Amp, releasing some19.6Wof heat.

The metallic rail al

12.Apr 2021
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Standards for 24V, 48V and 80V forklift batteries

GWL is now working on the delivery of the high capacity industrial batteries for forklifts and heavy machinery.

All batteries provided by GWL are based on the safe and risk free lithium technology.The construction design follow the DIN 43525, DIN 43531 and DIN 43536 requirements.

For 24V batteries&nb

12.Apr 2021
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GWL/Blog: readily assisting you - since 2009

The GWL/Blog has. Duringthe 11+ yearswe have published more than 2100 posts and articles.

More to come. Happy Easter 2021!

06.Apr 2021
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They are on the way!

The initial production of the new ELERIX brand cells. It is wonderful to see a completely new factory producing new innovative models of the high energy density LFP cells.

As if you move to a new apartment and you can still feel the smell of the novelty, this is how it feels when such new produ

22.Mar 2021
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