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The GWL VZV Project – Extreme LFP Forklift Battery -...

The GWL/Team has finished the installation of the 24V/770A LFP forklift truck battery. The battery is connected to on-line monitoring for the reliable operation and remote inspection.

Need more details?. ????

15.Mar 2021
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GWL Videos to help you deploying your batteries better

GWL has published many videos on. Our goal is to help our customers and the whole battery communityto use the batteries better.

Check some of the more technical videos related to the battery pack assembly and operation

GWL/Power: Starting with LYP/LFP cells from W

16.Feb 2021
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Totally off-grid - fresh water pumping

This photo shows the very first part of the solar installation at theCzech Sustainable House (CSOD)project.

This is a completely off-grid installation oftwo solar panels (36 cells 160Wp), that run the water pump in the drilled well. The main purpose of this installation was to pump th

15.Feb 2021
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They are our heroes!

You can find them in every part of the world. You can find them just close to you. If you need their help, they may to come to your house too. Whom are we speaking about?

We are speaking aboutthe ordinary heroes, the local or regional electricians.

The regional electricians are

15.Feb 2021
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GWL speaks openly —- Some Data about You

This graph shows the share of the customers buying cells per QNTY groups.

It shows that the majority of customers (52%) likes to buy 4 to 8 cells. The next group is 9 to 16 cells with 23% share.

If you plan to buy cells from GWL, in which group will you be?

15.Feb 2021
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How to operate a LFP battery in 7 steps?

At GWL, we have prepared a clever guide on how to choose a battery for your operation, cars, production lines, boats, buses, caravans, forklifts, etc. that will last ten times more than the obsolete lead-acid ones (which you probably still use).

It explains in detail how you can (with the help of just a

15.Feb 2021
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GWL/Team Making Safety Tests

In April 2019, GWL Team has made extensive tests of various lithium cells to demonstrate the results of abuse and damage for these cells.

One part of the test was adirect short circuit dischargeof a fully charged TSWB Winston 40AH cell.

The photos show the preparation of the test.

01.Feb 2021
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The Color is the Power!

At GWL, we have many color-full dreams. Some dreams never become reality. Some dreams may become true in their due time.

Enjoy some of these wild dreams and ideas for the visual improvement of the lithium cells. GWL/Team loves the colorful world and the world of fantasy and imagination.

14.Jan 2021
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The Safety of Your Solution is the Primary Concern

What happens if a LFP cells is severely mechanically damaged? Will it burn? Will it overheat? In case a LFP cells is crushed or pierced, what chemical reals will happen. When the cell is smoking, because of a damage, what are the gasses? Are they critically dangerous? Or just ordinary toxic

14.Jan 2021
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The GWL/Team has many, many exciting new things for you in store. Everybody at GWL keeps working hard and with the full power to deliver the exciting solutions for the DC/AC products and services.

All the best to you all!

04.Jan 2021
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