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They are real…. GWL/Sunny solar panels

The photo of thepacking. These panels were installed inside the CSoD Project.

26.Nov 2020
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Keep learning and keep exploring

In partnership with, the GWL/Team is supporting another installation using the. This will be a semi grid-tied and semi off-grid installation using the GWL/Power components.

The GWL/Team is happy to share and support this project. We will be following with more de

18.Nov 2020
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GWL/Blog - 2000 posts and keep going

Since 2009 the GWL/Team has published more than2000 postsin the GWL/Blog.

After so many years, it still seems our work is just at the beginning with many more new and exciting projects to work on.

GWL/Team keeps going, so the new postings and information will keep coming in.&nbs

16.Nov 2020
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Integration of Battery Storage into Hybrid Microgrids

(Whitepaper written by ComAp a.s. in cooperation with GWL a.s.)

ComAp a.s.designs and manufactures control products for power generation and engine control, along with associated

11.Nov 2020
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BMS123 or GWL CPM? - Deeply discharged cells

As our customers are well aware, some type of protection module is necessary to use with every lithium battery for prevention of a deep discharge or overcharge.

I will use the example of our customer from Holland to describe how a significantly cheaper GWL CPM protection can often be the better choice th

06.Nov 2020
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Is the Bestie the Best or the Beast?

“The Bestie” is the“Beast” and it is the “Best of the Beasts”. Actually this is the very first photo of the GWL/Modular complete solution, to be installed in the Czech Sustainable Houses project, after it has arrived to GWL/Warehouse in mid summer 2020.


02.Nov 2020
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She is the “Beast” or the “Bestie”

We call her the“Bestie”. The word“Bestie” in the Czech language means the terrible beast. It can also mean a wicked woman.

However in English“Bestie” can also be used as the familiar name for the“best-girl-friend”.

In GWL the&ld

27.Oct 2020
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No Roof - No House

This is photo series from 6/2020 when the roof on the CSoD Project was installed. Please note that the photos show only the northern roof, that is facing towards the forest. That is why there are no solar panels on this side of the roof.


Photos by Petr Toman. Thank you!

27.Oct 2020
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The CSoD Technology Room - RIP Photos

These are the last photos from the GWLCSoD Project Technology Roomin late spring of 2020. This room served for the demonstration of the Self-sufficient technology before the final assembly on-site in the project. The room was dismounted by the mid of 2020. That is why we say:RIP- R

27.Oct 2020
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The CSod Project Technology Room

This is a (historic) photo from theTechnology Room of theCzech Sustainable Houses (CSoD)project. GWL and the partners have installed all technology into this demonstration room to verify the functions of the technology before the installation in the real house.

This demonstration co

27.Oct 2020
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