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Steca XPC 2200-24, inverter...

Steca XPC 2200-24, inverter and charger

… some photos from our testing with the 24V LiFePO4 battery pack.

02.Mar 2014
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FAQ: Low temperature...

FAQ: Low temperature operation: What is the capacity of the LiFePO4 battery at different temperatures? (at 25°C, at 0°C, at -20°C ?)

1) Battery capacity

For 10*C to 40*C the battery nominal capacity is 100%. For temperatures bellow 10*C the internal resistance of the batter

23.Feb 2014
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DC Wattmeter using the...

DC Wattmeter using the LAN-Module controller

The LAN module controller can be used to measure the DC power. Check the idea .

More details about .

The logging of data from the LAN controller can be made publicly available by means

13.Feb 2014
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FAQ: The discharge level of...

FAQ: The discharge level of the 12V batteries with PCM ** Question: I keep discharging the 12V battery with PCM. But when the voltage gets to some 11V, the voltage suddenly drops to 0V. Is the battery defective? No, the battery is not defective. The PCM board in side this type of battery will disconnect the out

12.Feb 2014
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Simple Digital Voltmeter...

Simple Digital Voltmeter (range 0 - 30V)

The voltmeter allows to measure Voltage from 0 to 30V. For the measurement under 4V requires an external power supply (in range 5 V - 30 V). See the operation manual for examples. How to use:

1) The red wire connect to the (+) battery terminal

08.Feb 2014
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Freezing batteries - not with...

Freezing batteries - not with LiFePO4

The lead acid battery will freeze when fully discharged. See this: The electrolyte of a fully charged lead-acid battery with density of 1.28 g/cm3 changes the structure to solid at -68°C. With density of 1.25 g/cm3 (slightly discharged battery), t

04.Feb 2014
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The 24V/200AH battery pack...

The 24V/200AH battery pack with CBM

Our customer reference photo - the battery pack with 2x 100AH cells in parallel. The configuration is 2P8S. The balancing is done using the CBM boards, 3 CBMs for each dual-cell.

31.Dec 2013
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TEST: The Winston LiFePO4 cell...

TEST: The Winston LiFePO4 cell 160AH short-circuit at 1000Amp for 13 minutes

This test proves the safety of the LiFePO4 technology: no fire, no uncontrolled explosion into in fire, no sparking, no burning, no fire smoke (black).

The short circuit on an over-charged cell. This video shows the extrem

14.Dec 2013
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Testing solar panels at GWL

Testing solar panels at GWL

See a photo from our work. Testing solar panels to confirm the performance at the sunshine. You can see the EVDock carport wooden frame and the three of our electric vehicles (C-ZEROs).

13.Oct 2013
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Custom battery pack 48V 10AH...

Custom battery pack 48V 10AH using WINA cells

A photo from a customer project using 16 cells WN10AH to make a 48V 10AH battery pack for a “super EVBIKE”. The management of the pack will be done by means of the SBM board.

The details about the small capacity LiFePO4 cells

28.Apr 2013
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